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Gone But Not Forgotten

Losing a dear friend to an act of terrorism is something you never think will happen to you… until it does. I think most of us assume this is something that only happens to other people. People we don’t know. People far, far away. This is not always the case. Last year, we had the privilege of traveling to Burkina Faso to build our first school. On this trip, we met several friends, among them a brilliant man with an enormous heart named Ahmed Kere. During our short time in Burkina Faso, we quickly formed a strong bond with Ahmed. He was truly a one-of-a-kind, beautiful soul. His life hadn’t been an easy one, yet he wore a radiant smile every day. Integrity and kindness flowed from this man and he inspired others to be better with ease. In the fall of last year, we flew Ahmed to our home ...

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