Breaking Ground On Our First Well

Breaking Ground On Our First Well

Today is the day! We could not be more excited to announce that today we began drilling our first well in the village of Bagyame, Burkina Faso!

This little village, filled with amazing people is currently walking nearly 4 miles just to retrieve muddy, filthy water needed for their survival. In the dry season, this trek can become even farther. Their daily lives are consumed with the time and energy necessary just to get basic essentials necessary to survive, and sometimes the only thing they can find is something that will sustain them, but make them sick.

The good news is, this is all about to change! Drilling for the well will start today and will be completed in a couple of weeks. (Check back soon for updates!)

There’s more good news! This is also the village we will be traveling to in September with BuildOn to build a primary school allowing the boys and girls to get a proper education.

And even more! Our good friends at Planting Peace have been so very helpful in aiding us to bring deworming medication on this trek, so that the villagers can have a fresh, parasite-free start.

Our hope is to give this village of beautiful people a leg up. We want to set them up for success and break the chain of poverty that has held them back from advancing.

Children will now have time and energy to go to their new school and fill their heads with knowledge now that they are no longer plagued with the collection of water and the contaminants of unsanitary water.

We think this is nothing short of amazing and look forward to updating you on the progress of this village over time.

Article by: Sarah Hockett

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