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Project: educate

Help us build a school and ensure that children around the world can have an education. Some of the various options include sponsoring parts of the
school such as bricks, cement, rebar, desks and chairs, a whole classroom,
teacher(s), and much, much more. This is truly an option that has something
for everyone!

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PROJECT: water

Start a fundraiser to bring a water well to a village in need. Such a basic necessity that we often take for granted, can make such a huge impact on the lives of those that are currently living without; forced to walk miles to retrieve filthy water that makes them sick, but keeps them alive. The time and resources utilized for this task could be much better spent. It takes less than you think to change lives.

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Project: health

Did you know that it only takes 1 single penny to provide a pill to rid someone of intestinal parasites? You could deworm an village for less than you’d spend on
lunch at a fast food restaurant! It seems like such a small thing, but is solves a
number of issues, and gives people the chance at a better life.

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Help us provide hives of honey bees to those in need. The bees will help pollinate and grow healthier crops, provide a nutrient-rich food sources and create wax which can be used for making items such as candles.

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Go On An

Probably the most amazing option available. Travel with The Sonder Project to help be a part of building a Sonder Village. Help create new lives and meet the people you are helping. A life-changing experience for all involved in both sides of the exchange.

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