Get Your 2015 Tax Deduction Now!

Get Your 2015 Tax Deduction Now!

There’s still time to get your 2015 tax deductions when you donate to The Sonder Project by December 31.

As another year comes to a close, we naturally tend to reflect on the past year. We think of what’s made us happy, what’s made us sad, and what’s made us proud. At The Sonder Project, we are proud of our growth and accomplishments every single day, especially in this first year.

In 2015, we have built two schools, two water wells, and we’ve dewormed over 1 million children across the globe. We’ve also made some big strides in fighting hunger domestically through our PROJECT: feed initiative, which has now spread across the nation via the big hearts of our Collection Partners.

Throughout this year’s crazy journey we’ve gained some support from our local community and beyond. We are most excited about our newly-formed partnership with The 30A Company, YOLO Board and 360 Blue. With these strong companies beside us, we are incredibly optimistic about all the things we can accomplish in 2016.

Hands up

We are committed to spreading the good and being a part of real change worldwide this coming year. Our 2016 goals are aggressive. We hope to be able to build at least four Sonder Villages. These will be villages in extreme need where we come in and help fill in the gaps as far as the things they need to succeed and break the cycle of poverty that’s been repeated for generations.

With your help, we can create hope for the youth of these villages and have an immense impact on their futures. We have the opportunity to be a part of the greater good and to change those futures, those stories, to happier ones for generations to come.

Please consider a tax-deductible, year-end donation or gift to help us reach our goals and provided much-needed resources to those in need.


Best wishes to you, your family, and your business in this joyous holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Article by: Sarah Hockett

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