The Sonder Project Visits Malawi

The Sonder Project Visits Malawi

The Sonder Project has recently returned from an educational expedition in “The Warm Heart of Africa,” Malawi.

Malawi Location

Three members of our local community joined the trek, including Sonder Project board member, Travis Meyer, of Southeastern Retail Development, Rachel Meyer, a teacher at Freeport High School and Sarah Hockett, Executive Director of The Sonder Project.


“It’s one thing to understand that there are children and adults living on the other side of the world whose lives and circumstances are much different from our own. It’s another thing entirely to visit and see this firsthand,” stated Rachel Meyer.


Travis Meyer observed, “It was awesome to see sustainable development put into practice utilizing the infrastructure we are helping to create and the initiatives we are supporting in Malawi and elsewhere. We got to experience firsthand how our investment in these communities continues to grow and evolve even after our initial commitment is completed.”

During their visit, the trio managed to visit 5 remote villages, work on a construction site for a new primary school structure, visit adult literacy classes and learn their importance, meet with the District Education Manager (DEM), gain knowledge of some of the community initiatives that are helping remote areas break the cycle of poverty such as goat programs, meal programs for school children, honey bee hives, and more. They also had the opportunity to hear some of the stories of this country and understand the difficulties faced here.

Founding Partner, Mike Ragsdale of The 30A Company expressed, “We couldn’t be more proud of the work The Sonder Project is doing. We look forward to joining a future trek to experience firsthand the good that our little nonprofit is accomplishing.”


The purpose of this endeavor was to help The Sonder Project learn and grow as a nonprofit and with everything discovered, the trip was definitely a success. “Knowledge gained on this voyage will be applied in future projects both locally and around the world,” declared Sarah Hockett.

On the topic of future projects, be on the lookout for these upcoming ventures:

• Construction of a school in Burkina Faso, Africa in memory of Ahmed Kere
• Construction of a water well in Burkina Faso, Africa
• Construction of a school in Nicaragua
• Nicaragua site visit and hands-on construction of a school
• First undertaking of new program, PROJECT: agriculture – launching beekeeping in Nicaragua
• 2017 Trek and Project Schedule


Article by: Sarah Hockett

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